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Digital Dentistry: Where Science Meets Technology

With each passing week, more Crown World customers are adopting the principles of digital dentistry — and Crown World is perfectly positioned to accommodate that evolution in the way dentistry is practiced.

Our digitally inclined customers can take advantage of several key benefits:

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Additional Value: Crown World offers $10 savings on monolithic restorations — including BruxZir® Zirconia and IPS e.max® — submitted with a digital impression (without a stone model).

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Faster Service: When you submit a digital impression, you don't have to physically send in your case, resulting in faster delivery.

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Unparalleled Accuracy: Digital impressions taken with CEREC®, iTero® and other widely used scanning systems can be submitted to Crown World electronically and ultimately result in restorations uncompromised by the potential of human error.

Submitting a digital impression to Crown World

At a time when clean, contact-free business practices are highly desirable, digital dentistry is a beacon. After your office obtains a patient’s digital impression (with an intraoral scanner), the crown’s contact with human hands is minimal. Gone are the days of accuracy-distorting stone models, imprecise tooling, and restorations requiring extensive chairside adjustments. 

Crown World accepts intraoral scans from several unique scanning systems — check them out below!