Digital Dentistry

Going digital offers clinicians and their patients a variety of exciting benefits:

  • Faster service – Digital, model-less cases arrive at our lab almost instantly and our Kentucky hub location allows us to ship cases out until 11pm and start receiving them at 4:30am.
  • Clinical success – Digital impressions offer tremendous accuracy that can result in clinical success for the practitioner and their patients.
  • Save $10 on monolithic restorations, including BruxZir® Solid Zirconia and IPS e.max® prescribed from a digital impression without a stone model. The savings cannot be combined with any other offer.

We accept digital case submissions from the most widely used scanning systems, including CEREC®, iTero® and more.

Dental patient with intraoral scan in mouth
Intraoral scanners capture highly accurate patient data and can be instantly sent to Crown World.


Crown World Dental Lab Dental Technology Robot

​Crown World uses all of today’s available technological advancements to improve the state of dental care for dentists and their patients. The high quality, great value, and efficiency are a direct result of our investment in state-of-the-art technologies and material science.
Your practice benefits by reduced chairside time due to minimal adjustments and rapid revenue generation since we have the fastest three-day working time on BruxZir restorations. Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology, including:

CAD/CAM software and technology
Our technicians use the latest dental CAD/CAM technology to quickly produce accurate restorations. We developed our own software and hardware in house for 3D digital modeling that allows us to predict what the ideal restoration will be for each case.

CNC machines
Our CNC mills were designed and built in house so that we can precisely control every step of the manufacturing process resulting in high quality restorations. Every component of our mills are state-of-the-art, right down to the spindles that we use.

Data analytics
We can only get better if we know where there’s room for improvement. That’s why we use data analytics to find inefficiencies, help us streamline our processes and eliminate those bottlenecks so we can get your cases back to you faster.

Machine learning
We deploy machine learning to help us learn and implement the individual preferences of our customers. Over time, we can develop a unique workflow for each doctor and provide restorations that are fabricated to your specific criteria.

Robotics and automation
Your practice and patients are always our focus. That’s why we use robotics to help us eliminate downtime. By using robotics to automate many of the repetitive processes in our laboratory, it allows our trained technicians to stay focused on your restorations and speeds up production.