Digital Dentistry: Where Science Meets Technology

With each passing week, more Crown World customers are adopting the principles of digital dentistry — and Crown World is perfectly positioned to accommodate that evolution in the way dentistry is practiced.

Our digitally inclined customers can take advantage of several key benefits:

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Additional Value: Crown World offers $10 savings on monolithic restorations — including BruxZir® Zirconia and IPS e.max® — submitted with a digital impression (without a stone model).

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Faster Service: Digital cases arrive at the Crown World lab almost instantly. In our hub location, impressions received by noon EST are typically shipped the following day.

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Unparalleled Accuracy: Digital impressions taken with CEREC®, iTero® and other widely used scanning systems can be submitted to Crown World electronically and ultimately result in restorations uncompromised by the potential of human error.

Submitting a digital impression to Crown World

At a time when clean, contact-free business practices are highly desirable, digital dentistry is a beacon. After your office obtains a patient’s digital impression (with an intraoral scanner), the crown’s contact with human hands is minimal. Gone are the days of accuracy-distorting stone models, imprecise tooling, and restorations requiring extensive chairside adjustments. 

Crown World accepts intraoral scans from several unique scanning systems — check them out below!


Follow the standard Sirona scan protocol to send a traditional or implant restoration through Sirona Connect. Select your restoration preferences and send scans of the prepared teeth with a) adjacent teeth, b) buccal bite and c) the opposing arch. For anterior cases, an additional scan of the preoperative condition or a scan with the temporary in place is recommended in order to achieve optimal design.

CEREC is a product of Dentsply Sirona.


iTero Element®

After receiving a scan file for a traditional or implant restoration, clinicians can transmit the data by selecting “Send” on the screen. Contact Align Technology to add Crown World to your list of “Favorite Labs”.

iTero Element is a product of Align Technology, Inc.

iTero Element 2 Scanner


Send 3Shape TRIOS scans to Crown World using 3Shape Communicate™. TRIOS order forms can be customized to match specific information requirements and offerings from Crown World, simplifying the processes of creating new orders, attaching 2D images, and communicating all case information to Crown World. Once your scanning is complete, Crown World lab technicians can receive the scans and immediately initiate design. When your design is complete, a 3D model will automatically be sent to the 3Shape Communicate site for your review and provide the go-ahead to fabricate your restoration.

Trios is a product of 3Shape.

Trios 3Shape Digital Scanner

3M™ True Definition Scanner

3M True Definition scan files can be sent to Crown World for the design and fabrication of traditional or implant restorations. True Definition Scanner users can contact 3M ESPE directly to add Crown World to their list of connected labs.

3M True Definition Scanner is a product of 3M ESPE.

3M True Definition Scanner

Carestream CS3600

Carestream CS3600 users can send impression data in an open file format (.stl) to Crown World.

Carestream CS3600 is a product of Carestream.

3600 hd laptop