Fastest* BruxZir® Lab in the U.S.

$79** BruxZir Everyday Price & Free Shipping

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*3-Day Working Time

**Patients: please note, the price listed above is only a small portion of the cost of the services that dentists offer. Price is for BruxZir® Full-Strength.

Dentist with Case

Welcome to Crown World

When you prescribe a case through Crown World Dental Lab, you get the fast, responsive support of a laboratory that shares your dedication to practicing dentistry with care and precision. We service the entire United States with free shipping on every case.

We're Here for You on Every Case

Free Shipping

Crown World offers nationwide service with free roundtrip shipping. 

Fastest BruxZir® Lab in the U.S.

Our cutting-edge technology and strategic location next to the UPS Worldport in Kentucky allow us to offer 3-day working times for BruxZir cases and up to 5-day working times for all other lab services.

Great Value

Our products and services are priced for your success. This means competitive, upfront pricing and no hidden costs.

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