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NEW! Comfort 3D Bite Splint

NEW – Comfort3D™ Bite Splint – $96*

The Comfort3D™ Bite Splint is designed for patients suffering from bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding). Digitally designed and 3D-printed, it can alleviate the tooth damage bruxism causes.

*Patients: please note, the price listed above is only a small portion of the cost of the services that dentists offer.

Comfort3D Bite Splint

  • Excellent fit and retention
  • More space for wearer’s tongue creates greater comfort
  • Stain resistant and easy to clean

The Comfort3D™ Bite Splint also protects healthy dentition and dental restorations from wear and tear and comfortably fits over the upper or lower teeth.

Comfort 3D Patient Image
Comfort3D Bite Splint

In-Lab Working Time

Up to four working days in lab.

Patient Benefits

  • Protects veneers, crowns and other cosmetic restorations.
  • Relieves pain caused by bruxing, clenching and TMJ.
  • Digitally designed and 3D-printed for a more precise fit.

Cleaning Procedures

Brush and floss your teeth before use. Rinse mouth well with clean water before inserting the nightguard. Rinse appliance well with clean, cool water before and after use. Clean the Comfort3D Bite Splint with clean, cool water ONLY, and let it air dry.


The device serves as an occlusal guard that fits over all of the upper or lower teeth. The Comfort3D Bite Splint tray comes in a clear color and consists of a single-layered hard yet flexible material that provides durability and comfort. 

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