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How CT Scanning Improves Crown World Restorations

Crown World has engineered a new laboratory workflow that leverages CT scanning in the fabrication of BruxZir® dental restorations.

As a result, Crown World has introduced conditions for dentists to improve patient treatment by delivering more accurate, more consistent restorations while simultaneously reducing the time between patient appointments.

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Why CT Scanning is Better

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Crown World has discovered that when a micro-CT scanner directly scans the incoming impression and creates a “virtual model” (as opposed to a plaster model), environmental variables are circumvented and the levels of accuracy and consistency are maximized.


Restorations that originate with CT-scanned impressions are another example of how Crown World leverages exciting technology to better serve dentists and their patients. Digitization means fewer hands in contact with restorations — a safety feature not to be overlooked in the age of COVID-19.