The Story Behind Our Three-Day BruxZir Restoration

From Start to Finish: How Crown World Makes Accurate BruxZir Restorations in Three Days

Your patients and practice need quick, reliable restorations. Crown World has relentlessly pursued new and innovative technology to create a quick, seamless workflow that produces quality restorations for your cases. The result is that we can now offer three-day BruxZir Full-Strength and BruxZir Esthetic restorations with tight margins and contacts.

Cloud technology

Your case workflow begins at your practice. Our field technical advisors (FTAs) collect the impression and Rx from your office and upload all of the case information to the cloud.

From there, the technicians in our lab immediately log the case into our system while the impression is in transit. If any information is missing—like tooth number, patient name, or shade—we call your office to fill in the blanks, all before the case even gets to our lab.

CAD/CAM Process

Our technicians pour up the model and scan it into our CAD/CAM system. Our team of designers meticulously review the digital scan down to the millimeter to ensure your case notes are implemented and to check the margins and contacts.


Our Kentucky laboratory is strategically located right next to the UPS Worldport. This offers us a large shipping window and allows us to send cases until 11pm at night and to start receiving them at 4:30am in the morning.

When your case arrives, our technicians are ready to get started.

Crown World Dental Lab Dental Technology Robot


Once the digital scan is ready, our robotic arm loads up the milling blanks into our state-of-the-art mill. This automated step enhances the workflow and dramatically speeds up our production time while maintaining our high standard of quality. The restoration is milled out precisely to the standards and specifications of the clinician. 

When complete, our technicians move the restoration into our sintering ovens.

Quality Control

The restoration then goes to our finishers for minimal touches and staining, and then on to our final quality control department. The contacts and margins are checked as part of our extensive quality control measures.

The case is then sent back to your practice. Throughout this whole process, you have access to the Crown World team through our highly-trained customer service team in Kentucky or your local FTA. If you have any questions or concerns, you can easily get a hold of us by calling 866-497-3699.